Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Don't Republicans Like Fair Up Down Votes and Why Do They Love Scammy Pay Day Lenders?

The real reason Richard Cordray needed a recess appointment is that the Senate refused to allow a simple up down vote, blocking his approval by undemocratic means.  He would have won an simple majority vote in the chamber.

So people should ask their Republican senators what their problem is with representative democracy which prevents them from letting it happen like the Constitution orders?

Better yet peoplr should just vote for a Democratic candidate next time if they want a democracy that serves them instead of pandering to the greediest and must corrupt in the nation.

See link below for report on Richard Cordray beginning his new job after the president's recess appointment which would have been unnecessary if Republicans in the Senate had allowed an up or down vote.

Watch out scummy lenders.

There's someone keeping an eye on you now.