Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why Gingrich's Treatment of His Wives is So Wrong

A New York Times article "For Gingrich, Wives Always at Center of Career"
begins to hint at what is so wrong about Newt Gingrich's affairs behind his wives' backs and with the idea that he should have been given an open marriage.

The report describes Marianne Gingrich as constantly with her husband acting as a kind of foil off which to bounce ideas (my take) or as the Times writer seems to indicate more directly act as a constant adviser though the piece described her as uncomfortable in the position.

And though it seems nice that Gingrich felt so comfortable with her, such a devotion becomes so overwhelming of one's personal life, it is often difficult for a woman to maintain such a constant companionship and still have time for herself.  Apparently that time for self was not a priority for Marianne.

My own father and mother had such a life together.  It showed how devoted they were to each other and gave them company in good times and bad.  But I have to note that it took much work on the part of my Mother, and mostly, as with the Gingriches they worked to further my father's career and after-work interests, and yes that focus was somewhat successful.  My father was ABC News'  "Person of the Week" once.  Not a lot of people can say that.

But my father never fooled around on my mother, instead rewarding her with the constant devotion to her that Gingrich refused to offer Marianne.  Newt apparently then asked her share him  (according to her words in an interview).

Newt's actions also violated his own professed religious tenets.

His actions and his lack of honesty should not be ignored.  This is not a personal matter.  It goes to the heart of whether he will be honest with Americans or whether he will tell us any lie that is convenient while selling us out to the highers bidder.  I don't know if his creepy reaction to the news media trying to get to the bottom of his infidelities and desire for an open marriage or his views on how women should serve him while he's got an eye open for the next, younger, one is more disturbing.

For contrast read The Kama Sutra of Kindness: Position Number 3 by Mary Mackey

It shows a good way to go through life in love.  Of course, people and life being what they are the perfection in the poem is not always achieved, but I find it hard to believe that most men treat their wives with more fairness and decency that Newt did at least his first two wives.  Who know who he has on the side these days.  I guess we'll learn in about a decade.