Saturday, January 14, 2012

Politico Blogger: CNN Contributor Praises Marines Who Urinated on Dead Taliban

On the radio Dana Loesch praised the men who were photographed urinating on the bodies of slain Taliban, citing their "association" with Al Qaeda's murder of Americans on 911.
Ms Loesch doesn't seem to be very well informed of the complex reasons that Afghans become and remain part of the Taliban, some of which often relate of ethnic ties and family security, but even if she is better at shooting off her mouth than getting the information she needs to properly evaluate the Afghan situation, she should remember that the 911 attacks happened over a decade ago. 
I'm using a smart phone now and can't try to find the facts of these men, but it is conceivable that the Taliban killed were young enough to not have been adults at the time of the attack on towers and the Pentagon.
And often Afghan citizens are mistakenly killed when they are not threatening Americans. Stories of  threats from dead "enemies" are easily crafted and often hard to refute in such far away places.
But for Ms Loesch to descend into what seems to be willful ignorance and blind hate is just what this world doesn't need in a commentator who has a national platform.
I also believe that if one of the Liberals with which CNN balances Ms Loesch had made such egregious statements, he or she would be let go.
But Americans are used to the mindless warmongering from the right.  Hopefully we are becoming immune to it's effects.
See link below for Politico blogger's report on the statements made by the paid CNN contributor.