Friday, January 27, 2012

Canadian Filings Show TransCanada is Lying to Americans About Jobs the Keystone XL Pipeline Would Create

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Kansas: Swing and Corn Field
Just the safety of much of our food supply and the health of the families of the High Plains are at risk if a massive pipeline is built across the Ogallala Aquifer.
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Remember how TransCanada has been saying that building the Keystone XL pipeline across the breadth of the MidWest would created 20,000 jobs in the US?

Well, their filings with their own government show the real numbers are not so much. Oops, did they say 20k? Well, in the US actually that would be 6k.

Yes, 6000 jobs, most of which will be temporary according to other analyses I've encountered. (In fact, I've heard that only 50 jobs would last beyond the building phase of the pipeline. People just love temporary jobs they can pick up and get busy on while others nab the more permanent jobs.

If the Keystone XL pipeline would create only  temporary jobs en toto,  maybe someone fell asleep and dreamed up that 20k number the pipeline related companies have been feeding to the public through Republican politicians..

I'm guessing that the GOP first taught TransCanada how to lie big-time, in order to get their way.

The good news is that though it's politics as usual and legal to lie to the American public, apparently investors were also deceived over the number of jobs the pipeline would create. That is not allowed under US law.

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