Tuesday, January 17, 2012

War Vets Going Crazy, Becoming Killers Again. Nothing to See Here Folks

Southern California's latest serial killer turns out to be another war vet deeply damaged by the time he spent in Iraq.
What fun for leaders to majestically send troops off to war for their education which they certainly get on the battlefield long before they get to take advantage of their post military college plans, if indeed they even get to back to school.
Also funny is how most of the mainstream news only deals with war's damage to the psyche when a terrible crime has been committed.  And then it's considered just local news.  ( One notable exception to that rule was Timothy McVeigh.)
And, how lucky that is for Neocons like Mitt Romney (who is virtually offering up the US military to the highest bidder in campaign donations with his bellicose yammering about Obama not supporting endless war).

Kudos to Amy Goodman who did mention this case on Democracy Now.  Mainstream?  We're still waitiiinngg!