Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ohio Earthquakes Pinned to Underground Disposal of Fracking's Waste Water

At least two Ohio earthquakes are attributed to waste water from fracking operations being injected into the ground.  A NY Times article cites 2 earthquakes a week apart. The first a 2.7 quake caused no damage, while the larger one at 4.0 caused no serious damage or injury, but shook people up considerably more than smaller ones experienced earlier.

An NPR  report was quick to explicitly explain that quakes caused by injecting waste water from fracking is not the same as quakes caused by fracking.

Oops, sorry about your keyboard.  I'll wait until you clean it up.  If you didn't have coffee or other items in your mouth when reading the above then we'll continue now.

A total of 11 earthquakes have hit the immediate area since last March and injection of waste water at the site identified as being the location of the quakes has been halted until further notice while the problem is studied.

See NPR report or both links above if you want for more details.