Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scott Walker Ahead in #Wisconsin Recall Election If You believe in Faeries #wiunion

Scott Walker leads the recall race in Wisconsin thanks to unlimited donations until the signatures are verified.
But there's a lot of uncertainty even beyond the great capacity for political action the people of the state have shown.
1st- almost all the candidates are within the law school's poll's large margin of error (unless I've misremembered and they all are, I'm working from my phone and can't go back to check). 
The opposition field is also divided, and Walker has used more than he's raised already though he's gotten millions to fight off the challengers. 
See Washington Post report got more from their article at:
The activists in the state can keep you up to date at #wiunion on Twitter (blocking the obvious trolls in that line is a fine idea too).
You can edit trolls out by searching on #wiunion -troll1 -troll2 etc but they will attack you by mention so it's just easiest to block them right off.  You will know who they are, I'm sure.

Thanks to an interview on Current's Countdown Wednesday night, we've learned that the source of the poll above is a Republican friendly entity and not to be relied upon.  The Interviewee also mentioned the large margin of error as I did above yesterday morning.  The question is why the Washington Post chose to run this as news without even the obvious caveats being mentioned.