Monday, January 9, 2012

Gingrich Allies to Open Can of Whoop *ss on Romney For South Carolina Primary

Here's the Gingrich ad:

A former aide to Newt Gingrich plans to spend millions running ads featuring a trailer to a half hour documentary reporting on Romney's days as a corporate raider.  The spot will include Romney's "Corporations are people" scene as well as heart wrenching comments by those who lost jobs due to Bain Capital's habit of buying companies, gutting them, sending jobs overseas and even then losing 22 percent of the business taken over while Romney was in charge of the company.

The Gingrich people maintain that they are going exposing how Bain Capital really worked and failed because Newt would be the stronger GOP candidate.  

I'm wondering with the high mileage that Newt has on his life if he's angling, if he can't get the nomination, for at least a VP offer, or is scorched earth all he wants?

I'd say "Strap in!  Some of the track on this roller coaster isn't fastened down very well, but have fun while it lasts."

See more details on Gingrich's ploy for the South Carolina primary at  The Hill (mobile):

BTW, I finally got to listen to the Democracy Now podcast today. Amy Goodman had an even better report on this ad than The Hill and noted that "Winning Our Future" is a Super Pac so donors will not be reported for months. It is a little "ironic" or should we say self serving for a former Gingrich aide to raise millions of secret donations to launch attack ads on Newt's opponent within a week of the former speaker crying fowl over former Romney aides doing the exact same thing. In the mind of Newt, though, I imagine, it's "turn about is fair play". If Obama wins in November the fat cats of the US might actually lead the way towards reduced allowance on donations to Super PACs after spending so much to attempt to control our government and failing. Till then we have to hope the GOP does as much damage to each other as we need them to do.