Monday, January 2, 2012

Libertarianism's Racism Explained

David Frum has explained why libertarian newsletters of the nineties pushed racism.  The collapse of communism, the great devil, made them do it.

Luckily, after the turn of the century, they had Bush's wars to rail against so some of them dropped the race war rhetoric, though I notice that not all of them have.  Still Paul needs to own, how his newsletter helped enhance race hatred that had little abated in the general public from the 90s up to this day.

Racists I've known have seldom dropped the stance unless there is something to be gained from it.  So Ron Paul no longer supports racist talk because he wants to become president, but many of his former followers will take it to their graves with them.

Maybe we should make a database of seemingly race based harassment, or injuries & killings.

We could bind a copy and give it to Mr. Paul for Christmas next year, or for a consolation gift in November.

See Politico (mobile edition) for more on Frum's explanation and take on the subject.