Monday, January 23, 2012

Rand Paul Detained at Airport After Body Scan Anomaly Found

Apparently, after a body scan anomaly Senator Paul refused a pat down check and therefore was detained.

Count on his father, Ron Paul, to make a big deal about this at the coming debate until some begin to suspect a set up from the first.

Many experts recommend opting for a pat down instead of s scan from the first to save your skin from the concentrated dose of rays the scanner aims at it.

Paul's refusal of a pat down shows he puts a juvenile sense of   "propriety" over the safety of everyone on board the plane he was to travel on, and in fact, on any plane. 
Beyond just his own flight, if this incident gets enough steam worked up to reduce airport security and an attack gets through, it would have the opposite effect than the lessening of security measures the Rand men claim they want.

It would increase security, boost the size and intrusiveness of government, and would likely to lead to more war instead of less.

So Rand Paul's refusal shows him to be less a libertarian than a man with a great sense of self entitlement.  Then again, that's the outfit his fathers been wearing for years.

BTW, where was Candidate Rand Paul's great libertarianism when he allowed a body guard to put his weight on a protestor's neck to protect the optimologist from confrontation with the woman's ideas and expressions while he approached his waiting limo when he was running to become senator?

Not just a little hypocrisy is being exposed here.

See Politico blogger for original report I read on the Rand Paul detention: