Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shocker!: Gun Program That Led to Death of Border Patrol Agent Started By Bush Administration!

Everything I heard about the scandal over the government allowing guns to flow into Mexico has focused on Eric Holder.

From Anderson Cooper to Rachel Maddow news shows reported on involvement of the Obama administration.

But the original program started in 2006 according to a Politico report (see link at bottom of this post).

I heard Rachel report on this a couple of times without mentioning the Bush  years, but Mr. Cooper hosts discussions on the program over and over again in which Darrell Issa's minions rail against Eric Holder as long as possible without once acknowledging
that their own party members in the previous administration started the program and, presumably, let it get out of control.

Why haven't journalists made that clear?

I know that Darrell Issa is immensely rich, powerful, and partisan, but why is the news media complying with his designs?