Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Master Degree holder and real world success takes mandatory 10th grade test and finds he isn't qualified for college

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And those who want to get through college don't need the discouragement of an overly harsh test telling them not to try to achieve a higher education

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This is amazing.  This man is extremely successful, even completing part of a doctorate program, and sits on the school board of  a major system.  But when he took the state's mandatory 10th grade test that would have guided a real school child towards college or towards a lesser future he basically failed it, especially the math portion.

Though he holds 2 Master Degrees and is, by the account of a friend, extremely accomplished his scores would have indicated that he shouldn't hope to get through college.  Friends of our subject, who worked in various professions told him the test he took (when he described the questions to them) told him they were not relevant to their real world professions.

Rather sad when you  know that such tests shove many students, especially minorities one can assume, out of the college track.