Saturday, October 27, 2012

CA: Yes on Prop 37 Is the Only Way to Keep Your Family From Being Fed Agent Orange Toxin!

I heard a discussion about Proposition 37 the other day and I realized I actually work with Roundup and I know that 2 4 d is being added to Roundup.  (I don't work with food plants or GMOs.)  Apparently, weeds are becoming Roundup resistant, and all those GMO changes they made to food crops to resist Roundup so it could be sprayed on our food is not working anymore.  That's too bad because Roundup was probably the most innocuous chemical they have for controlling weeds.

Now, in my gardening R-up they put 2 4 d.  The next step is to make food crops resistant to 2 4 d so it can be sprayed right on them.  The problem with that is that 2 4 d is 1/2 of Agent Orange itself.

Another GMO gimmick was to put bacteria genes into corn plants.  Those corn plants then produce a toxin that will kill corn ear worm.  The problem with that in that many people also get sick from the corn, not everyone, but a significant slice of the population.  Now if you start complaining about stomach pains and staying home from work, how does that work out?  You lose your job, right?  So it has been that GMO corn was highly processed and made into corn sugar and syrup which denatured the toxin.  But now Walmart markets have decided to sell it straight to the public because it's so much cheaper.  Without GMO labeling you will never know what's making you sick.

It could be something hurting your career, or reducing your child's ability to work in school.  Heck they can even feed your family 1/2 of Agent Orange.

Soy plants have also been created that have the same gene.

Chemical companies don't care about you.  You'd better care about your family, and vote Yes on Proposition 37.

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I have not been paid to write these reports.  I just want my family to be able to eat safe foods.