Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney Brought in Own Black Conservatives to NAACP to Support Him

Later Romney told others that black leaders at the NAACP told him they privately agreed with him, but he'd brought those agreeable black leaders with him, so his implication that black leaders were behind him was basically a lie.

Also this video shows that Romney advised another group of minorities (Latinos) that they should go to "the other guy" in regards to "getting free stuff".

For the NAACP the question was about "Obamacare" which is a paid system of universal health care, not free, and for the Latinos the subject was about women getting contraception from health care insurance that they pay for.  Neither program is about getting "free stuff" and this shows how much a racist and sexist Romney is.

I am now convinced that the extreme racist, sexist, classist Karl Rove is been integrated into Romney's campaign.  This goes along with his recent comments that he isn't really an integral part of the Crossroads superPACs, which is likely a lie, but will the news system really report on that illegality among Republicans?  I doubt it.