Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super PACs Hiring Former Campaign Insiders, Warping Elections

Only the Roberts Court's Gang of 5 could consider the results of their Citizens United ruling to not be an incredibly corrupting influence on our society.
Two LA Times  reporters lay out the dangers (and they are serious indeed) of the freedom to buy up elections enabled by the Gang of 5.
The candor in this report is surprising and refreshing in works from mainstream news though most liberal bloggers have said much the same thing in the past.
At least this article is not the like the bland hints offered by NYT investigative reporters who then immediately back track on even milquetoast allegations they try to hide in over-wordy text.
If the LA Times actually keeps this up it might actually worthwhile to subscribe to the paper again--if they can beat bloggers to the punch in the future and offer the kind of evidence that the reporters added regarding ties between Super PACs and specific candidates as presented in linked report below.
Needed in the future is more info on donors to the PACs. Reporters rightly said PACs don't have to disclose but other reports have said tax records should show their names.  If the news media wants to recover their reputation they better get those records.
See LA Times report on Super PACs and their ties to candidates they are promoting.