Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Veritas Finds 12 Dead people on New Hampshire Voter Rolls?

Even if these dead people were still on the voter rolls at just one precinct how much damage could up to 12 dead people voting do?  They sure couldn't knock Romney out of his slot.  Maybe if they all ganged up on poor little Rick Perry...  Ouch! Yeah, that could hurt, but he's not going anywhere but back to Texas anyway.

Later comment: I'm thinking that hitting one precinct would have made too much of an impression so they probably hit a few at the least.

I can't exactly remember whether it was 11 or 12 potential dead voters they found.  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for this post because I don't want to go through the interminable video again.They ran through the list at the beginning of the video and then one by one later, so it might seem like more names.

At the end of the video someone talks to a man who explains how they try to remove the names of all deceased from their rolls. Unfortunately, there isn't an automatic system for removal and I agree there should be one in every state, but the OKeefe crew must have come upon copious names of dead people who were actually removed and they won't say how many.

And the truth is that an automatic removal system would protect the rights of the elderly, minorities, and poor people who will be the most hurt by voter id laws. But OKeefe and his partner don't care for voter rights, just voter restrictions, and their chopped up video serves their purpose.

I do know, because I kept track of the death dates that all but 3 of the "dead potential voters" had died since the first of December, the greatest bunching of those on 12-31-11, less than two weeks before the primary.  One of the other three died in late November and the two remaining names belonged to people who died in October.

OKeefe and his ally may have scoured death notices (obituaries) as noted by the article for over 3 months to make this video, in which case they aren't telling us about the great number of dead people they didn't find on the voter rolls, illustrating, once again, how dishonest Project Veritas is.

Still the truth remains that they found that 11-12 dead people all of whom had died very recently had not been removed from NH voter rolls.

Really a game changer there, Dudes.  NOT

Original report by The Daily Caller