Monday, May 7, 2012

LOL at Google Over Blogspot Problems

Google produces the Chrome browser right? It also owns and controls the blogspot ( system.

I can use the Chrome browser to open and write blog posts as long as I don't need to access the HTML directly.  In Firefox, I can both write and revise HTML via the convenient tab by which I can go to "compose" or HTML.  And I need that option for inserting videos and getting them to center correctly.  Also for any but the most rudimentary composing.

If I try to access the HTML in Chrome the page crashes and I'm offered an error code with which I can explain my problem to Google.

Hey, Google Dudes you control both of those.  It's in your power to fix them so they work together.

I sometimes have problems with videos in Firefox which mostly works the best on everything else though not quickly. But at least I can access my complete blog here. I do dislike having two browsers open while working, because I don't have that many resources on this machine, but there you have it.  IE doesn't even show the HTML button so using that browser though fast is not an option in blogging.  (And Chrome rightly warns the user it's not likely to work.)

But Google you own Chrome and the blogspot system.  It seems a no-brainer that you would make sure they work together.  Now that Chrome is remembering to open the last pages used when I shut it down.  I could live with the Chrome browser only.

(Safari picks up a bunch of extraneous info with every copy of a few lines of text, making it hard to work with.  I don't even use it when I'm borrowing my daughter's MAC Book Pro.)