Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oakland Police Complaining About Out of Towners Again.

Same old same old.

After Oscar Grant was killed and crowds gathered they whined it was mostly out of towners, ignoring the fact that the people were taking advantage of their constitutional right to assemble in solidarity with their fellow Americans anywhere your city, my city, Wall Street.

But after seriously injuring two American veterans they are trotting out that old canard again.

Oh oh look they're coming from out of town!

And they got numbers!  2/3rds of those arrested were from elsewhere.  The total number of arrestees they are talking about though are only 103.

Other info in the article notes that over 6000 extra people arrived in Oakland via one BART station alone that day.  If the cops only arrested 103 out of a crowd of definitely over 6000 and possibly double that number that was one peaceful crowd, especially when you can be arrested for simply staying around after one person lights a fire, or throws a firecracker according to statements in the news report.

The reporter may have recognized what a Nixonian word game was being played, but didn't mention it.

And how about that Wells Fargo bank?  Moms and kids arrive and by the time three women close their accounts the employees shut the doors as if it were a combination depression era run on the bank, and an attack by the Symbioneze Liberation Army. (70s era terrorist group that kidnapped Patty Hearst remember?)

Jean Quan would do best to keep quiet and away from appearing to suggest she supports the police commander too much. He seems to be turning into a later day Spiro Agnew.

See Contra Costa Times article on which I am commenting go to: