Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Genealogist Obama Related to First African Slave in America

Jefferson's Monticello (Pond Reflection)
Jefferson's Monticello w Reflection

Over Two hundred years of reflection at that.

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A couple of genealogists believe that, through his mother's family, Obama may be related to the first African slave on American soil.  The once indentured servant, after a failed escape was enslaved for life though his two white co-escapees suffered only  lashings and imprisonment (and presumably were later released at some time).  There is still controversy on whether indentured servants, at least with origins or genes from Africa were actually slaves, but John Punch formally lived that life after his capture.  He also fathered children with a white woman whose children are assumed to have been Obama's mother's ancestors according to a report in the LA Times Obama related to legendary Virginia slave, genealogist says.

I remember a report in 2008 saying that Obama was related to slave holders through his mother's family.  This ties in with that report in the slave holders in question apparently had blood clues that pointed to their own descent from Africans.

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