Thursday, March 29, 2012

Video: Lawrence O'Donnell and Others Analyze Security Cam Video From Zimmerman's Arrival at Police Station Showing No Signs of Injury

Videos might be very busy, not want to come down. I saw lots of stalling last night. That's because O'Donnell's about the only one who is really checking this crime out beyond just accepting the words of Zimmerman and his friends and family.
The Lawrence O'Donnell videos make George Zimmerman look like a liar.  I hope they work for you.  I'm not only getting about 15-25 seconds of each.  Keep trying.  This appears to be a horrible case of murder that Zimmerman's wealthy and connected father who is a retired Virginia judge wants swept under the rug. (Sorry, earlier sources said Zimmerman Sr. had been a judge for Orange County Florida, but tonight, I think someone on the O'Donnell show said he worked in Virginia.  Still a very powerful man and he's using his power to get his son off a charge of murder one.)  Don't you wish you were a son of privilege?