Sunday, March 25, 2012

Could #TrayvonMartin's Family Sue Sources That Trash His Memory For Slander?

Trayvon Martin shooting protest 2012 Shankbone 12
Million Hoodies March, NYC, March 21, 2012

Thousands marched for Justice for Trayvon Martin who was killed by a wannabe Neighborhood Watch captain, February 26, 2012

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There are awful things being said about Trayvon Martin, with, I'm guessing the idea or the contract to protect white, right wing, gun-hugger rights (possibly at the behest of FOX News whose constant push for bigotry and support of the NRA is under fire after the killing of Trayvon Martin).

Dan Linehan of Wagist comes up with a total pile-on of  Trayvon ending up with the idea that because a tattooed teen was pissed off by being asked why what he was doing by a neighborhood watch captain, he attacked the poor overweight guy and therefore deserved to get shot to death with a pistol that requires a lot of force for its size to pull the trigger (according to a video shown by I think Jennifer Granholm).

Oh, and he might have been selling weed at some time in the past year (Upgraded in the title of Linehan piece to a much more deadly product "Drugs").

Dude, I don't use it, but Marijuana is an herb not a drug.  Only creepy right wingers and the jack booted authorities that serve them consider it a "drug".

A fellow writer at Wagist calls himself a liberal, but I haven't seen Linehan describe his positions.  Both writers have pushed for more gun rights or at least gun ownership, the liberal saying he wanted fellow libs to  lay down of line of fire while he runs from Whole Foods to his Prius to save him from the unemployed or something.  That sounds more like what a person making a Teaparty friendly joke would say, not a liberal.

But to sum up, this guy makes a huge case that Trayvon Martin didn't fit the image of  the younger image of him.  Funny, Dude, our society has made sure blcks get pulled over in their cars everywhere they go, and have much harder times getting well paying jobs, and then you claim, that if their kids don't turn out like your ivy league ass they deserve to be accosted everywhere, and better not respond inappropriately or they deserve to get  killed, (and, of course, that fits right in with Florida's shoot to kill if they make you feel creepy law).

Dude, people don't have to be like you to deserve respect.

And the cops themselves told George Zimmerman to back off:

Dispatch: "Are you following him?"

GZ:  Uh, yeah.

Dispatch: "Okay, we don't need you to do that."

Well, Zimmerman didn't back off.

Linehan did not contact one person who knew Mr. Martin that I could see.  He has included no evidence that he contacted the school either though other reports did say a few things about Trayvon's relations at school, using pictures, messages from Trayvon's social media makes an ugly worst case scenario from their details.  He says being in the wrong place at school won't  get you a ten day suspension.  An AP report also noted that Martin also had tardies. Dan Lineham apparently doesn't know how public schools punish heavily unless its like a first problem or you're white.  Really, Dude, have you ever gone to an inner city school or did you grow up in the "burbs".  Don't even answer that because it doesn't matter, unless you're black too.  You obviously don't get it.

If you put people in the poverty box, they aren't going to grow up like you.  You have little right to judge them and decide that a black man has no right to fend off an aggressive attitude from a wannabe cop,  if that is what really happened.  You don't know.  You just made up the scenario that put Zimmerman, and FOX News, and gun rights for whites, in the best spotlight, and decided that was it.

You are simply the worst journalist on the web and one of the most racist jerks whose blog I've ever read.

Go get your checks from FOX and the NRA.  I'm sure you will fool a lot more racists like yourself and put people of color in danger for another decade.

I believe that the family should be able to sue for slander.  This guy probably got a fat check or two for this crap, and at least the truth would come out whether he got any facts from anywhere or pulled them out of his ***.  That might mitigate the racism that FOX and NRA are trying to recover, just because the actual facts of what happened that day would come out. The ACLU, NAACP, and other sources may be able to help the family get a lawyer.

See Wagist: Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

He does have links to sources of pictures of Trayvon there.  I guess the family should get those taken down, but they are too busy being heartbroken and real to understand how racists will use them.

Though, Trayvon is gone, his memory is worth something.  It's not Marilyn Monroe, but if right wingers and gun nuts trash it, the value will be ruined.  Someone get these people a lawyer.  (I'm not one and only talked to one once in my life.  I'm not trying to push a profession, but don't think FOX, the GOP, or haters should be able to trash this family's son's memory.)