Sunday, March 11, 2012

CA Communities Face Changes to Get More Representative Leaders

Whittier, CA train station
Whittier CA Train Station
The reality that Whittier California is governed by an all white council is as quaint as a train station. Here's hoping changes come quickly.

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Communities may have to end citywide voting for leaders to get ones that better represent their people.

In some, currently, all white councils preside over majority minority populations according to a Sacramento Bee report.

Lawsuits may be necessary.

I am amazed that this is still going on.  And it's funny how the Bee writer Will Evans sneaks in implications that  the bill sponsors were in it for the money. I guess it's a little more important that people finally get their civil rights, yes?

In general journalists would go along with wealthy companies having a money impulse for what they do, but some civil rights lawyers had better not make money off legislation they most likely went to a extensive effort to pass.

See  mobile report: Sacramento Bee: White-dominated California boards face legal threats over racial makeup