Thursday, March 8, 2012

Map Shows "Limited" War on Iran Likely "Not Possible"

I'm betting that some will be pushing a "Limited" war on Iran, but I think that Stratfor's Map of Iran's Select Known and Suspected Nuclear Sites shows that won't be possible. 

Stratfor is currently open to all, but I don't know if they will want this widely distributed and they might hide this one page.  I am linking to their site because anything else, without permission, would be plagiarism.

If they take it down or lock it up, I'll try to find it pasted somewhere.

Here's an FAS PDF with a map from 2007with some of the sites noted on the Stratfor map.

The Guardian 's map from November 2011 You will have to click next a  couple of time to get to the map.  Still fewer sites than Stratfor's, which might have gotten info straight from Tel Aviv so consider the source, but Stratfor's probably the map being pushed on the US government.

Al Jazeera offers a Google map with sites listed from January of this year.  Still not as many places noted, and zooming in doesn't show more sites, but does add names to towns etc.  So if you want to vacation near Iran's nukes you could do so.  LOL

This apparently abandoned blog from the Canadian Cartographers Association has lots of marks in it.  I can't enlarge it on this computer, but will try later on another one, and see if it is anymore interesting.  You can enlarge the map by clicking on it from the first page that opens up, and I can read the second map with strong glasses.  Still one would liek something a little larger at the least.