Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Reasoning Behind Florida's #StandYourGround Law That Led to Death of #TrayvonMartin

The reasoning behind Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law is that there are good people and bad people according to an analysis from Isaac-Davy Aronson in 2007 is that there are good people and bad people.

And good people don't make bad decisions.  Good people know when they are threatened and when they are not, and when to use deadly force.

Like, according to Mr. Aronson, Mr Kenneth Allen, who felt threatened when Jason Ronsenbloom, talked back to his lecture over leaving 8 bags of trash out for pickup instead of obeying the limit of 6. 

And, like the president at the time; George W. Bush, who was such a good person he could disregard Congress with signing statements that flatly admitted he wouldn't be carrying out the wished of Congress though he would keep the law on the books in some kind of compromise; "good people" can do no wrong.

Of course, the people most of us are likely to see first as "good people" are those who look like the majority  So, generally the white Anglo-saxon others in this nation are likely to hold sway.  Some people who feel alienated also turn to their own kind as the best role models for good.  That can create not only the white dominant superiority, but also, minority embattlement syndrome.  Trayvon Martin's case may have brought it to the attention of Americans this time in a big way, but apparently the law has led to the shooting of many minorities.

And criminal proceedings are the first step towards justice.  If earlier cases didn't just let the person of white Northern European descent walk free after shooting people of more complex or darker ancestry, then maybe George Zimmerman would have thought twice about confronting Trayvon Martin, or even of carrying a gun around playing "Neighborhood Watch".

That just adds to the injustice of the Trayvon Martin killing.  It could have been stopped  before a delusional, wannabe, who was possibly high on drugs or alcohol, killed a young man who had his whole life ahead of him, and wanted to become a pilot.

There will be more horrific killings if such laws stand and continue to be used to justify white Northern Europeans and their security lackeys (police, guards, and neighborhood watchdogs of all descent) killing minority individuals.

Maybe we should boycott Florida until they get that law changed or repealed.