Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Investment Ever: A Few Years of Subsistence Payments To JK Rawlings and Daughter. Mega Tax Returns.

Yes, JK Rawlings was on what we would call "Welfare" when she returned to Britain with her daughter after her divorce. For the money that the government gave her for those years, she has returned millions in taxes, gratefully apparently, from what she says here. Thank goodness she didn't live in the Romney paradise of China where she'd have to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week for about $1 an hour. There'd be no Harry, no Hermione, no Ron, no Professor Lupin, No Severus Snape,....

There is also a lot of evidence this happens a lot.  Think of all the groups that get their start in the UK.  They can do that because one doesn't have to hit the ground running.

BTW, I was wrong earlier when I wrote on the Tumblr that she said she would never have been able to write Harry Potter series if she hadn't spent the years on welfare.  She actually said she wouldn't have been able to write her new book if she hadn't lived on welfare.

But working in near slave labor conditions in China, I'm sure would have destroyed her ability to be creative and that would have been awful, like it is awful for the workers in that Romney paradise.