Thursday, March 8, 2012

American GOP Posturing Over Post Birth Abortion Remarks From Italian Scientists

Melozzo di Forli's Angels, Sacristy St. Marks, Loreto, Italy.

It is a bit weird for Italians to be promoting such ideas, but it is also unlikely to sway Americans

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"Sneaky Italian Scientists are going to slide into the US and start aborting new born babies (aka "4th Trimester" fetuses)" is the new meme from the hard right.  Or maybe they're going to convince Americans to start killing their own newborns.

Who knows, but much is implied since, if they come right out and say what they are claiming will happen most Americans will laugh themselves silly and then the 30% of Americans who really fall for such wild allegations won't send right wing Christian groups and
GOP candidates big donations to keep the evil bogeyman (and woman) at bay.

See hysterical report:
Pro Life Action League report  "Abortions in the Fourth Trimester: Why Not?"

Dr Alberto Giubilini  (See Biography section lower on page)

Francesca Minerva

If you believe those two are going to get post birth abortions going in the US, I have a Jaguar in mind that you can buy me, and I will be forever grateful!  God loves it when you buy a poor person a Jag and he will reward you 20 times for it.  (Actually the Bible does say that those who give to the needy will be rewarded in return with more than they gave, but you don't see Christians giving like they believe in that part of the Bible.)

Two Scientists who were educated and likely born and raised in Italy, make some statements about post birth abortions and the posturing right acts as if it's already enthroned in law or that Obama is going to pass a bill in his next term. 

That is how the American Right Wing pushes their fascism-lite.

This, obviously, isn't going to become mainstream American law or even accepted quirky behavior.  It is a non starter.

Even if the GOP manages to get hormonal birth control outlawed so a lot of extra babies are born, you will see a likely rise in cost for caring for such children by the state as many families will have to give them up.  You'll be footing the bill for that, Dear Taxpayer.

 Years later you will see a horrific exponential rise in crime, making most cities and even towns and rural areas unsafe.

But you won't see "4th Trimester" abortions; not as an accepted practice.  (and yes, there are those now that kill their kids.  The Church hasn't been able to stop those people, even now.

The claim that "4th Trimester" abortion practice will ever really be acccepted in the US is just more of the Nazi talk from the right. Their tendency is to make outrageous claims to try to get people's rights taken away, and to collect money based on the fears those claims create in certain susceptible folk.

 The GOP is now even more effective than the Third Reich.  In Germany, much of the church just tried to hide from the onerous effects of the Nazis, while today's American Evangelicals and even the Catholics jump right in.

But God says: "ROFLMAO!  Get real Douchbags.  It ain't gonna happen."