Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Makes Up a #Conspiracy Theory About Sandra #Fluke To Pretend She Entrapped Rush #Limbaugh

Remember Bill O'Reilly is the same man who famously taught us that the sun goes up, and the sun goes down and nobody knows why (with the implication that this is all done by God's magic er.. hand or something). Then the great mystic O'Reilly proclaimed soon afterwards that the tide goes in and the tide goes out and nobody knows why that happens either.

In fact, as Blue's buddy Steve taught preschoolers, the sun does not go up and down.  Instead the earth turns, AND PARTS OF THE EARTH GO IN AND OUT OF IT'S OWN SHADOW. That's the only reason the sun appears to go up and go down, and we get the sensation of night and day. It's simply a matter of whether at the time our part of the globe can be reached by the sun's rays. Sorry, to over-explain this, but I'm trying to get through Bill O'Reilly's triple thick ego.

The tides actually do go in and out relative to the land because the moon pulls on them. When confronted with that fact, O'Reilly was triumphant. "BUT WHY DO WE HAVE A MOON? MARS DOESN'T HAVE A MOON!" O'Reilly proclaimed, loudly. The implication there is that God loves the earth and that's why he gave it a moon. Unfortunately for Bill's reputation, Mars, in fact, has two moons.

And on the latest conspiracy theory, Ed Schultz explains how the timeline demolishes O'Reilly's theory, and how even as he offered a weak apology to Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh started suggesting he was really a victim of a conspiracy. I guess when Fluke then contacted the agency, Rushbo and O'Reilly decided that story could be cooked up into conspiracy stew for their intellectually challenged followers.

(Remember these are the same airhead racists that followed Glenn Beck for more than two years.)

Yes, Sandra Fluke is quite a witch to get Limbaugh to call her all kinds of names and smear her reputation without merit. Watch out for her in the future, when she will be a witch and a lawyer. Real double trouble! LOL!