Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If You Do Not Vote, You Hand Jim Crow the Victory

Romney Ryan GODV Plan - Get Out! Don't Vote!
Defeat The New Jim Crow!  Get Out and Vote!

Fact: The new game that Republicans are playing is a gambit to continue suppressing women and minorities and even the non-affluent middle class.

Fact: If you give in to their attempts to take your vote away from you, you will lose big time. If you do not vote, they can take your Social Security, quality schools for your kids, and even you and/or your children to feed their deadly wars.

Fact:  Now that Romney looks so much more like Dubya 2, you really need to know this. Remember Dubya was going to bring peace and prosperity. Instead he brought war and economic disaster.

Fact: Now they want to grab everything you've put into Social Security and Medicare for those under 55.

Fact:  No matter what people in your state say, every new voter ID law enacted in the past year has been struck down on constitutional grounds --mostly about timing.  If they ask for ID in states where they just enacted the laws this year, you can say you don't have it and vote anyway. It turns out that there was not enough time to issue everyone in the state an ID so the courts found the new gambits unworkable and therefore to be unconstitutional.  There is some news that people at the polls are going to try to keep you from voting by lying, or by harassing your based on the color of your skin or how affluent you look.  Ignore them.  If they continue to harass you grab your cell phone and call the cops.  No one should be harassing voters.
Fact: And the Washington Post reported that Romney and Ryan's plans for Medicare will bankrupt the program by 2016. This is not a campaign talking point. It's reality.  It won'[t matter what they said in this campaign when Medicare is broke.  It will be gone for all.  End of story.  The haters win.  Who's going to pay for your, or your parents medical care then.  I guess the banks will end up owning all the houses pretty soon as they foreclose on them for medical bills.  History shows that then the price of having a place to live skyrockets and billionaires get even happier.

Picture used via Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike (CC x SA 2.0) thanks to Flickr user DonkeyHotey who has no conncetion to this blog or blogger.  BTW, to see the real message from new voter id laws enacted since 2011 roll over picture, DH created that message.