Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video: Must See Is Zimmerman's Friend Lying? #riptrayvon #justice4trayon #hoodiesup #trayvonmartin #millionhoodies

 (See video above for the whole interview. Lawrence doesn't lay down and roll over for this guy)

This interview establishes two things I think are very important and can remember right now this morning. Lawrence and his fellow journalists do not believe Joe Oliver is a "close friend" or even a close acquaintance of George Zimmerman though he claims that he is. And Mr. Oliver claims he's not getting paid.

Lawrence leaves that hanging after finding that Mr. Oliver is not seeking employment at this time in his own profession (news reporting/anchoring according to some who appear to say he even once hosted his own show at CNN, you know like Dana Loesch does now).

 So a guy who had such a good position on CNN, doesn't want work right now so he can defend a man who is likely not even a close acquaintance for free.

Yeah, that sounds just about right to me /not.  Maybe he's promised money or a job in the future?   That would jibe with not getting paid for this, but...)

I think whether Mr. Oliver has a job is important. If he is expecting payment for this at any time, that would change everything. I guess he could be banking on the 1% helping his career in the future, that would be a back payment of a kind, and many journalists avoid controversies to please their 1% masters, or come down on the side of billionaires entirely so it's not unknown to happen.

If he is getting paid that raises the question of how a mortgage underwriter could afford it.  Yeah, his dad is a retired judge (once made money) but still.  Hiring your own CNN reporter?  Still looking at legal fees?  Yeah/no.

Who's paying?  NRA, GOP,  ALEC, Koch Brothers, all of the above??

There is more on the video, but I don't remember everything that they learned. People lie to news reporters who often cannot directly challenge them because of liable laws, and frankly the 1% own the news media and the future of everyone who is in it.

BTW, I was going to post this last night when the memory was fresh, but the machine was tired and began a kind of stalling maneuver it does. In some circumstances I can turn off and on, but that didn't work that time. (It is possible some one fell asleep with Netflix on and that creates such a drag on the internet that all the spyware, Google and others use, affects just trying to write a post.)