Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown Issues Are Easily Resolved But One Side is More Interested in Grandstanding for Dollars. Hint: See how they stole their power from the American People Via Link Below.

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Video above is clipped to provide the most pertinent information on this topic out of an almost13 minute segment. Below is the explanation on why the GOP is playing these nazi-like games.  The complete vido is Here.

But why would the GOP plays such games on the American people?

In truth they don't fear us because they Gerrymandered their power in the US House of Representatives.  Their base of power in the US government is illegal in the first place.

See report from January 2013 REDMAP Memo Admits Gerrymandering To Thank For Congressional Election Success

Politically savvy folks know this, but the same deep pockets that control the Republican-TeaParty politicians control the news media.  Some have come out of the shadows (like Doug Manchester who bought the San Diego Union Tribune and the second largest paper in the county, the North County Times -- as a case I know because its somewhat local but the pattern is repeated throughout the nation)  and bought a number of papers all on their own.

Also remember that a few months ago the Koch Brothers David and Charles were set on buying the Tribune Company -in collaboration with Manchester mentioned above- a company that owns some of the biggest most politically respected newspapers in the nation.  Thank goodness for the New York Times, right?  No.  It's owned by the richest man in the world, also an oil man, Carlos Slim who has allowed his nation, Mexico, to suffer in great misery while he plays games in our national politics.  And now the Washington Post has just been bought by another billionaire described as a Libertarian. One thing that Libertarians have been known for in the past decades (well I'll ignore the racism) is getting big tax cuts for the wealthy passed through Congress.

That makes them less susceptible to paying for wars, and suddenly wars are not so bad anymore to the press which is more and more owned by Libertarians.  Funny how few rich Libertarians want their own children to go fight and possibly die or possibly be permanently maimed in one though.

So we have Libertarian owners of our news media paving the way for more wars that they don't pay for and that their children are not put into risk in.   So what do they fear from a Gerrymandered House?

They can pay for their own gold plated health care and have learned to ignore the problems of the rest of  us.

The only thing missing is the cigarette holder and top hat worn out into the midday sun to show people exactly who they are.