Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sandy Hook Shooting Faked?


NRA puppets have a new angle now. The Sandy Hook shooting was faked. And apparently front and center of this BS is a professor (It took them a while to find a Big Lie passer that could pronounce words correctly, I guess) working for the state of Florida.Way to go, wingers. Yur really gonna git that Baracks Obama now!

(Thank goodness the holidays are over. No turkeys/hams etc. need to be thrown on the floor for this whack-a-doodle theory.)

The rantings of today's fake news hosts like Limbaugh, Beck and most of those at FOX serve as a modern day whispering campaign for those who feel racial and sexual equality has disenfranchised them, just like the lies that created the Third Reich in Germany.

 Luckily, nothing bad came from that mind-control experiment.  Oh, Wait.

Our 39th president was impeached and almost removed from office for lies about consentual sex which would then be exposed to his wife who was not behind the investigation.  (How many of us would keep our families together if we had the same level of scrutiny aimed our way?)  But, BS over gun violence that is killing children teens and adults.  Oh, that's okay. Go right ahead.  Use your public trust to spout lies.

See what happens.

How about this though:  Tell us just what you buy with your check from the NRA.  Okay, Professor Tracy?  You owe the public that much transparency.  Will you get a new boat, add a sauna to your home, take a trip to the Caribbean or to Vail?  Come on, be a pal!  Tell us what you got.

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