Monday, September 23, 2013

Wayne La Pierre Reacts to Navy Yard Shooting With Call For Police State

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus addresses a memorial service for last Monday's Navy Yard Shooting

Good Ol' Wayne La Pierre.  He can be counted on to call for a police state after every big mass shooting.

The NRA spokesman advised last year that Americans pay for more armed police and teachers with guns in schools and now arming service members while they are at base, and btw getting more civilians armed with high powered guns to protect themselves from the high power weapons of the "police state". What could possibly go wrong?

For one, lets take arming all service members on base.

Nidal Hassen, Christopher Dorner, and Aaron Alexis were all members of  the military.  Does La Pierre want the next military member to be carrying around a firearm the first day they think that maybe killing people will clear their heads?

His alternative scenario is hundred of millions more a year for specifically arming and training  paid security guards at bases (which is what will be needed if we let the Dorners and the Hassens and the Alexis types carry around their guns on base all the time).

And for constant psychological testing to make sure our service members aren't going to kill us or each other.  Maybe the NRA will shop itself out for supplying those psyches to do the testing. 

In fact, most Americans understand that is nuts.  But the NRA, which is working for the gun manufacturers, has joined with the Tea Party, a tool created  by fat cats like the Koch brothers, and the racists to make a wider movement that pulls in money from the fat cats to protect and enrich all of them off the backs of the majority of Americans, by taking away"entitlements" like Social Security (that working people actually save up themselves but Republicans pretend is a kind of government charity)

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