Friday, March 23, 2012

Friends of Trayvon Describe Him as All Around Good Guy. Fox Correspondent Derides the "Hoody"

Apparently, Trayvon Martin was a success as a teen, not someone obsessed with making a million before he was thirty most likely, but a sensible, fun loving, nice kid who had been in a junior football team, and after he became too old for it still helped out in the snack stand. The only school problems noted in an AP report were some tardies leading to a short suspension.

 He and his father seem to have taken good care of each other, and should be an inspiration to all of us. Trayvon's sense of family extended to his father's girlfriends son, described by the AP as a "soon-to-be stepbrother" for whom he was buying the Skittles. See AP Link below this post for more details on Trayvon

While I have some sympathy for George Zimmerman who was probably fighting discrimination himself for his Hispanic looks and who appeared to think if he was tough enough he could gain a middle class wage and respect by becoming a police officer, this case shows off the essence of racism.

 If you look a young person who is not like you and instantly see a threat, no matter how hard you personally have struggled in life, you have a problem with it.

If, like FOX new's, Giraldo Rivera you claim that the big problem is "The Hoody" which many working class people wear because it keeps them warm and one doesn't have to choose which fashion statement to put on today, you have a problem with prejudice. And, BTW Mr Rivera, just because you're one of the few people of ethnicity on FOX News does it mean you aren't a racist.

Those seeking to push middle and working class Americans into a slave class status, love interracial problems since it helps foster their agenda. 

Slain teen's friends say he never picked a fight