Sunday, September 11, 2011

#Subprime #Mortgages Were the #JimCrow of the 1st Decade of New Millenium

The Jim Crow of the first decade of the new millenium was the targeting of minorities for sub prime loans which happened across the nation as noted in many national reports though the Sacramento Bee only talks about the effect on California's Central Valley area.  This stole much more from minorities than from white people as they were specifically targeted. So much mainstream news will admit.  But now the GOP is using old fashioned Jim Crow and seeking to keep minorities and the poor from voting in 2012 so they can block Barack Obama from his 2nd, more powerful term.  To help the GOP Allow the wealthy to bend the rules to steal from you again, do nothing.  The system is already set up.  Otherwise defeat Jim Crow against struggling families and minorities in general and get all necessary IDs for voting, keep clean, because many states are banning former inmates from voting entirely (check out your state's requirements before you give up) .  Do what you can to reclaim your voting rights or the wealthy will continue their electoral battles to push minorities and the rest of the working class (that means you lower middle class  families and I) into virtual slavery.  This is how it happens.  The wealthy are allowed by Congress to rip you off.  See;  The Sacramento Bee : Housing bust hit blacks, Latinos hardest for their hand wringing, but lack of solutions but lack of effective solutions.