Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alabama Releases Movie Pretending You Can Fight Back Against Assault Weapons with Stuff You find Around Office, School

A few things wrong with this:

a) Shooter looks somewhat like Vin Diesel. For some guys that's a huge step up. Lets not make our shooter look like a star, Dudes.

b) Though most shooters may shoot randomly, most worksplace shooters seem to tend to go for specific people.

c) This shooter had a pump action gun.   The new hot gun is the AR 15.  I saw young women shooting at 1 bullet per second, and suspect it can be shot faster, though Holmes whose victims say he was shooting rapidly did jam his gun.   Since I don't hang out with shooters, I'm not sure how fast an AR-15 can shoot without jamming, but it appears faster than the pump action thing faux Diesel is using.  That could make somehow fighting the guy into subconsciousness or, submission before you are killed substantially less possible

d)  In spite of years of training just on how to keep alive and subdue or kill those who want to kill them, our armed forces, and private security guards working the Iraq War lost over 5000 members with many more severely disabled.  So a short training video that made money for someone's cousin isn't going to help people all that much.  but that doesn't keep Deep South officials from playing Sheriff for one second (and using our tax dollars to do so).

d)  I first thought this was paid for by Alabama and not coming from my tax dollars, but nope, it was a grant from the federal Department of Homeland Security.   

e) Below is the video in which I saw the quickest repeated shooting.  I didn't look too long, though.  There were a few gun seller types teaching arming using, breaking down but I was looking for shooting.  There were some guys aiming at distant targets shooting 1.5- 2 seconds apart, but I figure your invasion shooters aren't really aiming and certainly not distantly, so I watched the girls, got disgusted with the video guy's tendency to drift down towards the young ladies breasts and buttocks, tried some more and got nothing until some guy sitting on the couch with a top half of a naked woman and a black man with his AR-15 (I hope those were just statue pieces) and decided the young women it is because I'm not going to search anymore in that subject.

All Hail the United States of Assault Weapons, everyone.

 Remember ladies, that WIFI modem is your friend when a mass killer enters your office!

Work that Belkin!

BTW,  if you are caught in a situation of a mass shooting, of course, do anything you can.  It just might work, and in many instances our lack of gun control and/or poor mental health management, the tendency of one of our political parties to promote violent overthrow of specific politicians if not the nation does actually promote workplace/school violence, and lax gun laws promote their use on nonviolent people.  So go a head and fight back if you are in one of these horrible situations, if you can and if it seems feasible--deciding not to take action if the person with a gun offers safety is indeed another option.  What I'm objecting to is the idea that people are not already trying to fight back, trying to hide, or trying to run, and that lax gun laws are okay because people just haven't used all their resources when one of their crazed gun owners goes on a rampage.

(My personal Belkin 300n WIFI modem is great, but weighs less than 9 oz, so I'm not impressed with the idea I could bean a killer with it, if I needed to.)