Friday, January 18, 2013

Four Pinnochio Noses For NRA Ad Claiming Obama Kids Protected by Armed Guards at School!

Excerpt from Glen Kessler analysis of the NRA's ad.
    Sidwell Friends, ... has two distinct campuses, a lower school in Bethesda and a middle and upper schools in Washington. So given shift rotations and three different schools, it appears that the 11 “armed guards” is really just one or two unarmed guards per school at a time.
 If you can only read quickly that is all you need above.

The report though has more explanation of how they got to that conclusion at:

4 Pinocchios for a slashing NRA ad on security at Sidwell Friends School

In fact the whole thing sounded like a Karl Rovian creation, or even a little more virulent.  Creepy stuff like this usually does turn out to be BS.  But, like others, I assumed they meant Secret Service.   Also, notice how the NRA'S BS was "learned" from other right wing sources who also have a problem with sticking with the truth.

I guess they don't think they need truth as long as they have their guns and their greed.

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