Friday, January 11, 2013

Video: What's Behind the Jack Lew Drama?

See *** for info on Current TV that  may have you feeling weird about this source.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm asks political consultant Ted Devine why Republicans don't like family man Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary.

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I think it's actually more than their grade school level feeling of need for payback, though Devine assumes that is the problem and that is probably partially the reason, but watching what the GOP have done through the past decades, I'd say there is a grander scheme to their stubborn outrage over this appointment.

Jack Lew at Treasury would make it harder for the GOP to funnel your Social Security money, which you have actually earned, to their fat cat donors like Bush and Cheney did in 2001 and 2003.  Remember the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts which were so obviously heavily weighted to centi-millionaires and billionaires (their largest solo political donors and on which they rely on much more than Democrats who tend to collect a much higher percentage of small donations from the middle and working class families).

The method that the GOP is going to use to steal from you this time is to claim that "The Retirement Age Must Be Raised!" though we have proven that you actually save your own Social Security money through your and your employers' contributions to the Social Security fund.  And Medicare is actually an insurance program you pay into throughout your working years, and now they don't want you to get timely access to it before your health problems cause an early death.  Sadly, that tragic outcome solves their problem of how to steal your Social Security money, too.

In the 90s they proclaimed "Welfare's killing the US"  And got it reduced to nearly nothing.  That actually had the tendency to hamper the ability for single parent families to improve their children's lives so the kids could go on to advance our society by getting decent jobs and making all of us richer instead of setting up drug war camps like still happens in the inner cities and endanger you and your loved ones.  But that is all water over the bridge now, though you may notice that the US's strength was reduced the most by the years in which elections allowed the GOP to do much of or exactly what they wanted by waging all out economy killing war (the Dubya years), cutting taxes on the wealthy , and sending jobs overseas.

Write, call or fax** your Senators 

* If you haven't yet via link within post above you may want to read the simple facts of how you actually save the money for 20 years retirement and your employers are charged with saving the money for 20 more years.  This is what the GOP now wants to steal part of by raising the retirement age.

** Warning If you fax you Congressionals, you open the door to them actually faxing you back whenever they want if you keep your fax on for other business, etc.  By law you cannot receive faxes from people you haven't established a relationship with.  By faxing them you establish that relationship.  That can cost you money for paper and toner or ink (unless you have a program that saves the faxes on disk instead of auto-printing them.  If you write via email you do also open a relationship to your email box, but, unless you pay according to messages received or print all your email automatically by some method, you won't pay extra when a Republican gets some materials from the GOP propaganda groups to blast to every contact.  I have a separate email box for political messages.  Okay, that's not exactly true.  I have one for political actors I'm trying out.  I actually do enter and read many of that second box's messages to keep an open mind some times, and then pick and choose whom to put allow into my primary email box for easier access.  Any pol who starts sending Rovian messages is much easier to ignore that way.  I had to ban a few of them outright before I did that.

***  Yes, Current TV is the station that was currently sold to Al Jazeera.  There has been much broohaha about the new ownership from conservative news media.  Jennifer Granholm has nothing to do with that deal and has reported that she is leaving when it closes and transfer is complete.  (And, in fact. Al Jazeera has said it is dumping all Current's programming so no host on the channel will have any relationship to the Qatar station.  The had a small cable channel already that did not have wide distribution and will be expanding that reach.)  FOX News itself is is owned in substantial portion by a Saudi Prince who also owns an Arabic station which hosts many shows and videos which disparage Israel, tell lies about it's people, and call for the deaths of Americans and Israelis.  (and BTW, Jon Stewart has revealed that Rupert Murdoch himself is 1/4 owner of the Arabic station just mentioned.)  I will be posting a video in which Stewart explains that. It is likely already posted above by the time you read this.  Click on our blog's name at top to see  the latest posts.  (I will link directly to it once it's established if I don't have to rush off to work by that time.)  Return to top of post and video.