Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All the President's White Men

And to further illustrate the ridiculousness of freaking out over Obama's "White Male Cabinet", this is The Cabinet from the first administration. It's pretty diverse.
I dunno, though.  Do you notice what I noticed?  There isn't one Martian in the whole group!

Everybody Freak Out!

From that group one woman has resigned.  When hints came that he was thinking of moving Susan Rice from UN ambassador to Secretary of State the Republican party had a tantrum led by Senator John McCain who chose Sarah Palin for his successor if he were to be elected president in 2008!

And now they have the audacity to bitch about his first four nominees to replace retiring members.

The fact that other news sources followed along shows they are no longer news sources but FOX News repeaters.

I don't think the fact that Charlie Rangel first said something, if he didn't get a buzz in his ear from a FOX troll, recuses the news media from thoroughly checking things out before running with a story.

This better illustrates how miserable News Media are today, much more than it says anything about Obama.