Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mind Boggling Hypocrisy Erupts in Benghazi Hearing

'From Politico:

I'm claiming Fair Use on the above because the mainstream news media won't point out any more of the Republicans' extremely phony sense of "scandal" in the GOP led questions and even direct allegations about the Benghazi consulate tragedy.

Another graphic (below) created by a less visible group captures more of the sanctimony being expressed by GOP Congress members (especially Senator Rand Paul) and the stage-managed "Shock and Awe" over the September attack. Since these incidences (and some Internet sources say there were more attacks that this during George W Bush's administration w/o televised hearings. And the smart GOP Congressionals actually stepped down from the stage after the November election was over and their case was lost on in the court of the American electorate. But these phonies think they can keep it going to get the votes of the stupid people in future elections. They obviously believe that most of their constituents are political imbeciles. Will the right finally get a sense of outrage over their leaders racists BS?  Or do they want to be treated by Americans like the racist hate-mongers they will appear to be if they continue raising ridiculous outrage with the Obama administration over the kinds of incidents they recommended acceptance, mourning, and future vigilance during past Republican administrations.  Yes, in reality they themselves said the practical equivalence of what Secretary Clinton said in the Benghazi hearings.  At this point what difference does it make.  The point is to figure out what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again in the future."  (That's how I remember her words.  Though I may have gotten some of them wrong, I believe I captured the spirit and meaning of them.)

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BTW, the Clinton administration had problems with embassy attacks, and who can forget the attack on our embassy in Lebanon in 1983,  followed in 6 months (despite that warming) with an attack on the Marine barracks which killed over 200!