Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grandfather Who Comforted Sandy Hook Children Attacked by Deniers

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Mr. Rosen took care of the children while waiting for help for them, and then he was asked to give his story by the news media. But apparently that led to right wing pro-NRA trolls singling him out, calling him a liar, and accusing him of helping to create a false scenario of a faked shooting at Sandy Hook. Yes, that is how far they will go.

The video above shows Mr. Rosen right after Sandy Hook as he was relating how he tried to help kids who had escaped from the school, from the very classes that were attacked.  I thought it was a video report of the blow back from the NRA's buddies, but it's still valid.  The report on the verbal attacks from the NRA is here:  Grandfather who comforted Sandy Hook Elementary kids says 'truthers' are targeting him.

Please, you don't have to fight about this, but if you know a person who is believing the lies that say there was no shooting at Sandy Hook elementary, tell them you won't listen.  I'm sure you're too smart to fall for the denials, but make sure they know you can't swallow that story.  A lie grows on the avoidance of everyone who doesn't show their deceived friends how ridiculous they know that lie to be, until societies change, and you can't recognize your nation anymore.

Ask the Germans.  They know a lot about that.

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