Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Evenly Divided Virginia Senate Passes Gerrymandering Bill While Civil Rights Hero Is Attending Inauguration

Monticello Doesn't Look Half As Attractive When Seen From a Slave's Viewpoint, Does It?

Welcome to the New Confederacy, Where Most Virginians Can Equally Serve "Massa" (IE Billionairesand Multi Millionaires and their political insiders).

While Civil Rights Hero and member of the evenly divided Virginia State Senate Henry Marsh was celebrating the 2nd inauguration of President Obama, the Republicans thereof took advantage of the departure to pass Gerrymandered districts to heavily favor Republicans in their chamber.

And no surprise there, they excuse themselves by saying they created a heavily Afruican American district in Sourthern Virginia, thereby showing that they, like other Republicans are intent on either destroying the Civil Rights Act (cases are already on their rise to the Supreme court of the United States to do just that) or to enshrine Civil Rights as an excuse to Gerrymander their own superiority in state legislatures and the US House and take away the rights of everyone who is not in the Billionaire and Millionaire classed they get large chunks of Citizens United (hidden donations) funds from.

The article from which I took the exclusive facts of this news is at a link below.  First we need to explore the results of such scamming:

What the Republicans do after they, by any scam, get control of states or the big prize the United States government (like they did in 2001 after treasury Secretary Alan Greenspan crashed the great Clinton economy by keeping interest rates too high for too many years as has been acknowledged by economists from across the liberal and centrist to conservative spectrum) is throw massive amounts of money to their biggest donors through "Supply Side Tax Cuts".

Then they start the march to war to pay back their big donors in the Military Industrial complex by starting wars.  (Reagan is known by insiders to be sick with Alzheimer's for most of his presidency and failed to follow orders on that score, but his successor George H W Bush help repay their impatience starting two military adventures, one that had the effect of desensitizing and training Oklahoma City Bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols until they "did a job" to promote the 2nd amendment though they knew that preschool children were in daily on care work days in the Alfred P Murrah Federal building.  (Security video shows McVeigh visiting the building in the days before the massive explosion.)

Notice though, after all that spending and throwing money at fat cats, now that Democrats control the White House and Senate (and only fail to control the US House of Representatives through massive Gerrymandering fraud in many Democrat strong states) the GOP cries Deficit, Deficit!  Must have Austerity (which tends to destroy recessed economies which would tend to favor the GOP's take over of the nation again in 2016).

The Reagan administration itself left the nation a mini foretaste of the banking disaster of 2007-2008 in the Saving and Loan Crisis.   Important people were actually jailed in the aftermath of that one, though big money had become even bigger, and more reckless by the end of  President George W  Bush's second term, and because of its power, in neither crisis did Big Money suffer for very long, thanks to it's control of our political system that only gets worse when the GOP or anyone is allowed to Gerrymander election districts to favor one class or one party over the other even with a flimsy excuse of making a permanent minority seat.

It has been shown that Gerrymandered legislatures do lead to harm to the middle and working classes, and we know that people in poverty and in the political minority get reduced help and much harm from the outsized control from a party favoring the wealthy because legislators no longer fear being removed for acting poorly towards the people.

Virginians should protest this, even if their protests after the ultra sound mandates were imposed were not completely successful at insuring reproductive rights.  But they should do more and stop supporting the GOP which has shown it cares little about their rights if they can sell them to the highest bidder.

But do more than just stand silently looking at GOP legislators walking into their chambers during the short time the actually work on the people's business.  Work long term to fix your state or we'll all be back to making major wars and suffering from more massive financial catastrophies after which Americans bail out those who caused the crisis, and suffer for years with shrinking resources from the economy and from the government they send so much of their own income in taxes to support.

I'd say organize, organize, organize, but what the heck does that mean?  Write your representatives and state senators and warn the Republicans they will be losing your vote if they don't reverse this.

And organize if you can get into or create a large group of people who are committed to citizens' voting  and civil rights, real civil rights, not gimmicks that are likely to set your state up and our nation up for more war and tax cuts for fat cats.

For the details of what was done yesterday by the VA State Senate see NBC DMV: Virginia GOP Sneaks Controversial Redistricting Map Through Senate

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