Thursday, January 24, 2013

VA State GOP Offers Up Rovian Arguments for Their Ugly Attack on Virginians' Voting Rights

Who's attacking your voting rights?

**Breaking  VA State Senator Introduces bill to change voting in VA from winner take all electoral college assignment to coincide with the Gerrymandered US House Districts for the state which I showed below disappears nearly half of Virginia's Democratic voters via Gerrymandering.  A paragraph below will explain how that works. I'm having trouble with interior links with Google's blogger or I would link to it.

The Virginia GOP think they are too smart for their people.  They reached into Karl Rove's nasty bag of tricks and are offering up smelly excuses for their Gerrymandering ploy. 

But I've noticed that some political reporters and analysts have swallowed the Rove spittle about the precincts.  I've decided that they aren't worth my time anymore whether they pose as liberals or not.  Two are MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Steve Karnaki. Not splitting precincts means that liberals are bunched into high democratic districts while Republicans can stretch out their power by wining 53-60% over a greater number of districts.  That has all the signs of one of Rove's scams with which he helped Cheney/Bush start two unfunded wars.

Again, a precinct hall is nothing but a place to put voting booths, Dummies!  The people are the important part of the electorate, not lath and plaster

Want to see how "not splitting precincts" works in VA's US House districts   I found a page (as I was adding up all the US House districts by myself) that has the totals for the votes for those same districts all added up for me.

Adding Green party votes to the Democrats for liberals, and Independent Green party votes to the Republicans (because research led to Wikipedia information that said the IG party had been with the Greens, but broke off because they were more interested in "The Debt" crisis so it seems they were and are using the "green" label as a scam to attract liberal voters for conservative candidates).  In any case the IGs only grabbed .6% of the vote anyway, and therefore were extremely inconsequential.  And to be honest they far out polled the Greens who were even more inconsequential.  Write ins apparently not affiliated with the two mentioned 3rd parties above polled less than .4%, so I'm not finding any 3rd party numbers relevant to the discussion though I added them into the total of votes, and the Greens and Indie Greens to their respective sides of the political spectrum.  In general 5% is minimum for relevancy in science and I think we can assume in politics as well. return to above
Out of  30720420 votes for US House seats  1898743 went to Republican or IG candidates so we credit conservatives with 51.0% of votes for US House seats, and Liberals with getting 48.6% of votes for US House seats.

But the sleazy Republicans of Virginia who got to redistrict the US House districts in their state used the creepy "Don't Divide the Districts" and other scams to create, instead 8 Republican seats and 3 Democratic House seats.  That's 72.3% of those seats for the GOP, and 27.3% of them for the Democratic party.  Over 20% of  the Commonwealth's people have been disenfranchised in the US House of Representatives.  6 Seats for Republicans and 5 seats for Democrats would have been more equitable, and if we go through making states US House Seats equitable, the Democrats see Nancy Pelosi sitting in the Speakers chair because more people voted for Democratic House candidates than Republicans. 

Virginians can change this though.  You don't need your members of the state Senate nor those of the House of Delegates if you have a method of citizen government by which you can start petitions to call for a vote for a special panel to create new, more representative voting districts.  That's what's happened in California (and to be honest I voted against it, but it passed and worked beautifully to better represent our state).

Don't let Rove's political buddies mess with your state anymore. The Structure of your US House contingent will be important to help protect your Social Security funds (which the record proves you saved by applying 15% of your income to it over your working years and should last for 40 years of retirement)  (that's not an entitlement, it's a savings plan no matter how much wealthy Big Liars say it's a handout) and to keep our nation from prosecuting any more criminal wars in the Middle East or other places that big money interests want to rip off for immense gain which are going to cost tens of thousands of lives of our young adults.  You've heard the call by Republicans for a Universal draft, right.  The details are that they want to be able to scoop up any person from 18 to 34, male or female, without educational or any other deferments (except for extreme disability).  But wait there will be some categories, like medicine and, or computer expertise that can get you drafted at any time of life.

I don't know about you, but avoiding another 5000 (or multiples thereof) Americans dying so some wealthy and powerful industry can grab another nation's natural resources cheaply is one goal I think we Americans need to achieve.  And BTW, since Iran has a military at least 10 times as strong as Iraq's when we invaded it, including a real air force, and was never forced to destroy it's chemical and biological weapons, not invading Iran is a real cause to fight for if only to keep 50-100k American from being killed.  But there is no way to fight if our US House is Gerrymandered and the state legislatures are Gerrymandered so nothing is done about it..  But to end Gerrymandering of the US House, the people of VA most likely have to get something passed on the state level now that their GOP politicians have Gerrymandered even their own state districts to disappear millions of Democratic votes.

From news reports:

Virginia GOP Accused Of "Plantation Politics"

Moderate Republican John Watkins was used as a foil to introduce new plan to VA Senate.

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