Friday, October 26, 2012

Many GOP Congressional Candidates More Extreme Than They've Been Letting On

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These candidates really don't want what they wanted last year or at least the last time they talked to the press before they were outed as extreme.  Now they intend to force rape victims to bear children which possibly have the violent genes of their fathers.

What else are they and other GOP congressional candidates not telling us that they plan to do?

The extreme candidates known whether listed in video above or I've found from other sources are:

Ohio: Josh Mandel | Opponent: current US Senator Sherrod Brown

Indiana: Richard Mourdoch | Opponent: US Representative Joe Donnelly

North Dakota: Rick Berg | Opponent: Former ND Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp

Washington State: Michael Baumgartner | Opponent: US Senator Maria Cantwell

Michigan: Pete Hoekstra (remember the creepy, racist Super Bowl ad?) | Opponent: US Senator Debbie Stabenow

Pennsylvania: Tom Smith | Opponent: US Senator Bob Casey Jr.

Missouri: Todd Akin (like you didn’t know) | Democratic opponent US Senator Claire McCaskill (Okay we knew about this one after he outed himself to a right wing host a few weeks ago.)

Nebraska: Deb Fischer | Opponent Former US Senator Bob Kerrey

Maine: John MacGovern | Imp opponents: Cynthia Dill (This is the race in which popular former governor Angus King is running) King would be an acceptable alternative to McGovern.

Texas: Ted Cruz | Opponent: Former State Representative Paul Sadler

New York:  Wendy Long | Opponent: US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

West Virginia: John Raese | Opponent: US Senator Joe Manchin 

Virginia: George Allen | Opponent: Former VA Governor Tim Kaine

Arizona: Jeff Flake | Opponent: 17th Surgeon General of US 2002-2008 Richard Carmona

 The above candidates are from the video above or one's that have explicitly said they favor a "personhood" amendment that I've found, which,  no matter why they say they do is actually about preventing the use of The Pill, IUDs and other effective means of preventing pregnancy, and has been rejected in every state into which it was put to a vote by the public.  Be careful though, your state legislature may pass such a law if you vote for Republicans.  We will look state by state at various senate races (one would think that Maddow;'s interns could have looked up all the extreme candidates) and try to get them online tomorrow.  I didn't realize until we found George Allen was a "personhood" supporter than Maddow might not have all of them in the video.

There are other opponents in the races, but only Angus King has a chance of winning a third party seat and therefore stopping extremist MacGovern from taking office. Obviously the others can also be looked up by search engine.

I don’t know if this list has all the extremists on it. This appears to be new orders from their billionaire backers, since these GOP candidates are all moving to take away womens' rights in lock step with many GOP controlled state legislatures.  Make sure you know if your candidates support you and those you care about have a right to control your or their bodies.  Otherwise don't vote for the GOP.

For one Jeff Flake running for Senate in Arizona is absolutely refusing to say what he believes regarding a woman's choice.  But since the billionaires and the big SuperPACs are sending him big bucks, one can assume the worst.  We have found that Jeff Flake was one of only two members of the House of Representatives to vote against extending breast cancer protection for women.

There are only two things for which the billionaires can want too many babies born.  To flood the job market and make work a slave-like existence or multiple, even continuous, wars.  There is evidence that at least the last reason is actually on the agenda of the GOP and their billionaires.  War is supposed to bring cheap resources and there are a lot of third world nations that have those valuable minerals that are hard to find.  But we saw how that worked out in Iraq.  5000 Americans dead and we lost, though the oil companies have been invited to share in the oil extraction so they think they won.

Now the military is basically broken, and a universal draft was set up in 2004 by the Selective Service System.  That draft is just waiting for a "trigger".  SSS decisions do not expire when a president steps down, and that plan is still there, on hold, until the right president and Congress gets into power..  In fact, a military man and a military journalist (neither connected to the current administration) again recommended one be started,  just this last summer.  Add to that fact, Israel wants us to invade Iran for them.  And Iran has a military 10x a strong as Iraq's was in 2003, and was never forced to give up their chemical and biological weapons.  Those will be waiting for our draftees. (After all it will take 18 years for all those forced births to grow into the desired massive forced baby army.)

The terms of the Universal Draft are males and females age 18-34, with no exemptions for school, marriage, children, etc.  People with computers skills, doctors, and other specialties, like foreign languages could be drafted at any age.

#BTW, these candidates did not out themselves, but were forced to do it or we can assume from some of the things they say.  Any GOP candidate may be similarly extreme since it appears to be what their billionaire backers want for payback for all the Citizens United $$ they've dropped on them.

## An earlier version of this got Deb Fischer's state wrong.  (I was writing this too late at night.  My friends reminded me today about that.)  My apologies.