Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1983 Terrorist Bombings in Beirut Lebanon, Hold Lessons For Discussions of Benghazi Attack

In April of 1983 there was a suicide bombing that tore through the US Embassy in Beirut, where the US was trying to keep the peace in the Lebanese Civil War.

The results of that bombing is not shown above. The bombed out building above is the result of an October 23, 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks building in the same city that killed 220 Marines and 21 Navy servicemen just about 6 months later.

A Middle East expert later reported that the US prejudice towards the Maronite Christians in the multi-faith nation was key to the cause of the attack.   (I am not saying that the groups that inspired, planned, and activated the attack are right, only that was their inspiration.)

But, instead of Democrats in Congress raising a big stink in 1983 or the next year during the campaign over the failure of the Reagan administration to stop even the second attack, we all came together, like we did after the failures of the Bush 43 administration to protect Americans on the day we now simply call 9/11.

But the Republicans are all up in arms proclaiming that Obama needs to be replaced for a much smaller terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate that killed four people including the ambassador to Libya, though , of course, there are other reasons that the GOP want Obama out. They neither pushed Reagan, nor Bush to be removed from office at the first election after much larger failures to prevent terrorism.

It couldn't be the "GOP first" attitude they have, could it? Or maybe they are already committed to starting another war for Israel, a much bigger war than the Invasion of Iraq. Romney has had two secret meetings with Netanyahu during his campaign. The Israeli Prime Minister, like his predecessors is not above wasting American's lives and money for his purposes. Netanyahu has already called for an invasion of Iran because of Benghazi. (He's been quieter since that obvious outburst, but it fits a pattern of Americans dying to fix things in the Middle East with the biggest benefit going elsewhere.)

The millionaires and billionaires that own and fund the news system tend to favor Republican candidates for obvious reasons, and they are working their magic this year too. They are pretty blatant, but they have control of most news and entertainment venues and continue to pass out the stories about the brave newsmen and women who defy the wealthy, and bring us pure truth.

Actually, we should pay more attention to what Deep Throat said to Bob Woodward. "Follow the money." When millionaires and billionaires own and fund the news, the news is going to favor their agenda, their candidates, even if the result is tens of thousands of middle class and poor kids will be killed.

The truth they may be hiding now is that Romney appears to have made a deal with Netanyahu to invade Iran whose military is 10 times stronger than Iraq's military was in 2003, and which was never forced to give up its chemical and biological weapons. The coming war could make the Iraq war look like the cake walk the Bushies claimed it would be, and is likely to trigger the universal draft plan that Dubya's Selective Service created in 2004, which has been kept secret, even as two GOP allies, a top General, and a pro-military writer prepared the ground for starting it up just this summer.

When the children of the wealthy even do go to war they are placed in units surrounding major officers which are protected by many rings of security.  They don't go to the wars that our kids go to, the ones in which service personnel really get killed.  The wealthy ride in caravans protected by Blackwater type troops who will kill 17 or more natives if they feel itchy about any security situation.

But the fix is in.  The rich want Romney and will do what they can to get the huge tax cuts and war, and they control the news media, and just about everything else.

I just wanted to point out how unfair our "Fair and Balanced" news media and apparently our own minds really are.