Sunday, October 28, 2012

California: Our Children Will Continue to Be Used as Lab Rats If We Don't Pass Prop 37

Monsanto asks you to reject Prop 37 because milk isn't covered, but Soymilk is.  Indeed cows do eat soy products, and which may be GMO'd to produce a caterpillar toxin, but that toxin is only dangerous to the first eater, and likely neutralized by the cows 7 stomachs.  It is pretty unlikely that it survives to her milk, whereas with soy milk the human is the first consumer.

Worse, Walmart markets want to start selling GMO corn straight to humans (before it was highly processed into  corn syrup, neutralizing the known intestinal problems for many people associated eating GMO corn and soy directly).

Even worse, for the future there are signs that Monsanto wants to create new GMO plants that have resistance to one of the toxins that makes up Agent Orange because weeds are becoming resistant to RoundUp.  Without Prop 37 you will never know which foods are produced after being sprayed with that toxin, which was part of a wartime chemical recognized by the US government as damaging many Americans' nervous systems.

These are just some of the lab rat issues that the children are speaking about in the video above (though I doubt they know every detail).  They can sure figure out, though, when they are being put in danger which is likely why they participated in the video.

Like the Bible says "out of the mouth of babes".

Please don't allow Monsanto to use our kids as lab rats.

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