Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#Jets Owner Loves Socialist $$ From #NFL But Works To Elect Extreme Capitalists #Romney/Ryan

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Check it. ("Right after the bit about John Elway) Bashir tells us that the NFL redistributes its money to teams who, like the Jets, are failing.  but the Jets owner, Woody Johnson, is looking forward to the tax cuts for fat cats (paid for by the middle class losing tax credits, and future seniors losing Medicare--Die Grandpa Die!) that the Romney/Ryan team is offering.  Johnson is getting richer by the minute by redistribution as practiced by NFL which is all largely funded by the interest of  the middle and working class in the sport of football , but he doesn't want to give any back to the US and wants you and I to take care increasing his bank account.   Is that a man you want to give your hard earned money going to, for the pleasure of watching his losing team?

I'm glad I'm not a Jets fan.  I'd be ready to switch right now.  The NYC area, even has another team to watch and support!