Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mitt Romney's Coal Mine Owner Buddy Leans On Workers for $$ for GOP Candidates

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Snip from transcript:
Boss: "you're not giving this month. step it up. you're insulting me by not giving. what's going on? sometimes he'll attach a list of employees not giving or a spreadsheet showing who is giving and who is not."
BTW, Mitt, there is no such thing as "clean coal"  The effects of scrubbing coal emissions are miniscule on the amazing capabilities of  coal to create Global Warming.  It is actually the most dangerous fuel to burn.  It would be better to pension coal miners and send their kids to college so they don't have to risk their lives in the mines.

Mr Romney,  your "Clean Coal" buddies kill 1000 kids a day, over 400,000 people a year according to a new report.

Another toxic factor here is that this is not being dealt with in Ohio and maybe in other states and other types of businesses.  Buckeyes and anyone in a state where people are affected by such manipulation from their bosses should see to their state government and force their elected officials to clean this up.

Apparently Governor Kasich doesn't care that people in his state are being coerced to donate to the mine owner's select candidates at a cost to their families., and to the party that allows mine owners to run risky operations.  Remember the three disastrous coal mine tragedies that have happened since the start of the 21st century? Those belong back in the 19th century, and should not be happening today.

This goes beyond the mining industry. It could be common elsewhere if not now, then later.  This could become standard in all occupations, owners or managers keeping track of employees' donations, making sure that money is flowing to candidates of the bosses' choice who will likely reduce protections for working people like sick leave, and or overtime, not to mention safety standards for people affected by the business.

Who would be immune?  Could doctors' eduction requirements be reduced with the proper people in office who's campaign coffers were boosted by physicians forced to donate by a hospital administration?

That's what breaks the constitution, not a poor mother and children getting some food in hard times.

Also, when was the last time that solar power or wind power killed a dozen people in a day let alone the numbers seen in coal mine disasters and the 1000 children who die each day by the dirtiest of old energy sources, Big Coal.