Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney/Ryan Camp Ready to Let Bush Era Neocons Lead Us Back to War

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The GOP team is already calling for a war in Syria.
And Iran is right on the other side of Iraq from Syria.  Remember how we went into Afghanistan and then 8 months later started marching towards war in Iraq?

And, yes, Obama did lead the us to "war"  in Libya.  A very Clintonian war.  One in which our side won and we lost no servicemen or women.  That kind of war is only possible if our servicemen can mostly stay in planes.

The portion of Rachel's video that references the phenomena of  the Romney/Ryan campaign turning over their foreign policy to Bush era NeoCons is clipped here from a longer video.

Isn't it really weird that a nation like Israel which seems to need a lot more land than it has is our best friend and we keep getting into wars in their part of the world that might one day actually open up more land for them (if the neocons didn't keep messing up the job).  But here are the neocons pushing for more war in the middle east, and then maybe Israel can get on with its Manifest Destiny.

And Romney, I'm sure will let them do it so he can hide his tax cuts to himself behind all the war news.

Iran will likely be such a deadly war that the Universal Draft set up by the Selective Service is likely to be triggered.  The UD is a plan to force draft registration on all young people from 18-34 male and female and few if any deferments, none for post high school education.