Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Are These Republicans Telling You Not to Vote For Mitt Romney?

These people know you can't trust what Mitt Romney says because he will say anything to get elected and then do what his biggest backers tell him to do so he can advance in the next election (or in this case win a second term).

Romney's biggest backers this time want him to give them 0% interest on investments, forcing people who have to work hard for a living to actually shoulder their burdens, while, often these extremely rich people or their businesses get huge handouts from the government.  In fact, the Citizens United ruling and other rulings by lower courts packed with wealth and big business friendly judges nominated by Republicans, have changed our nation from one run by the people to one run by corporations and fat cats.  And everyone who votes for Mitt Romney tells politician that they can vote away our rights once in office as they did in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and (wait not in Minnesota because they elected the Democratic governor in 2010 to replace Tim Pawlenty-- they'd had enough of having their rights being sold to the highest bidder for politicians' post election favor).