Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Deep Pockets Creating Ads for Gingrich in Iowa

Newt's racism and elitism has hit a chord in at least one group of people.  Some very rich donors are ready to put ads their SuperPAC has created on TV in  Iowa in the weeks before the caucuses are held.

Politico seems skeptical that the group can buy much time on the airwaves, but I don't doubt the effectiveness of American will and fat cat millions.

BTW, this is why I was not in line with the conventional wisdom stance that Newt was the one we should want as the Republican nominee.  Schmaltzy ads and deep pockets could possibly even get Charles Manson elected president, and except for the forementioned serial killer Newt Gingrich appears to me, right now, to be the single worst person we could find to be president of the United States.

We should focus on getting Obama reelected, not guessing or gaming the GOP nominations.

They all believe in multiple wars in varied regions of the world starting in Iran to secure valuable resources that big business can acquire cheaply. 

They call it fighting terrorism, now.  It used to be called fighting Communism.

In the last presidential election I went through all the foreign policies of the major candidates and even Giuliani's . (Wherever Ron Paul fits, I didn't check him out.  If he's lying able his pacifism I doubt he'll have the evidence of his deception online.)

The rest of the GOP pack all called for using the armed forces in multiple nations to effect regime change and/or enforce compliance with the wishes of the US (as expressed by it's major  corporations and closest ally was implied).

I hope this big push for Gingrich wakes up the White House and anyone who doesn't want continuous war operations funded on the backs of the non wealthy US citizens. We only really have a choice between Ron Paul and Obama. Congressman Paul would end Medicare-Medicaid, Social Security, Public Schooling and so much else.  Now that the wealthy have gotten hold of so much of our money, that would be disastrous to the entire nation.

See details of the ad created for Newt Gingrich at Politico: